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All items on this website are offered for sale with a 6 month limited replacement warranty, unless otherwise stated. warrants, for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase, that items sold by shall be free from defects in material.  During this 6 month period, will replace or repair defective material at no cost to the purchaser.  Postage of the item to is the responsibility of the customer and recommends that only insured mail is used. cannot accept responsibility for items sent to us which are lost in the post. cannot be responsible to for the level of flying competence of our customers and any losses as a result of crash damage will not be covered under warranty nor will any consequential loss be reimbursed.  Flying model aircraft requires skill and practice and this is entirely your responsibility.

Where items are returned as faulty but the damage is found to have been caused by mis-use (for example if a product clearly shows signs of being in involved in a crash) a charge of $20 plus return postage is payable to cover the engineer’s time to repair the item.  Where the engineer is unable to repair the item we will contact you and suggest a course of action – perhaps returning to the manufacturer for chargeable repair.

Where an order contains an item which is not in stock it will clearly be marked BACKORDER in shop catalog.  We will send your order in its entirety as soon as possible and usually this only takes a few days.  We will not part ship orders. If you would like the items in stock to be sent immediately it is best to separate the out of stock items on to a separate order.